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What Is A Crow Moon …And What Does It Have To Do With Marketing?

To keep track of the seasons, Native American tribes of the northern and eastern part of the United States (from New England to Lake Superior) would give each full moon a distinctive name. The full moon in March was known as a Crow Moon or Full Crow Moon, when the cawing of crows signaled the end of winter.

The Crow Moon is the last full moon before the arrival of spring, when the snow and ground begin to thaw.

So what does this have to do with marketing?


We believe that most marketing in this country is frozen in a winter wasteland. Businesses are stuck marketing with ineffective techniques that don’t take advantage of the powerful nature of direct marketing.

Most copywriters and graphic designers have no clue how to write and design effective direct marketing materials like direct mail packages, sales letters, self-mailers, e-mail marketing, and web sites. And most businesses do not understand how powerful great direct marketing materials can be.

So if your marketing is not bringing in the kind of profits for your business that you would like to see, then it’s time for something NEW. You need to start marketing with persuasive techniques that are designed to get people excited about buying your product or service. It’s time to move away from the cold winter of recession, and move into the new springtime of marketing that Crow Moon Marketing can provide your business.