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Copy Critiques

You may have an ad, direct mail package, or other marketing piece that is no longer successful or that you are unsure about. A copy critique provides you with a detailed analysis to show you the strengths and weaknesses of the copy.

When we analyze your copy, we subject it to a powerful four-step process that clearly identifies where the copy is strong, so-so, and weak. It is particularly useful for identifying weak headlines, subheads, and copy bullet points. We give you specific reasons why the copy is weak and ideas for changing it to make it more powerful. However, we do not rewrite the copy when doing a copy critique.

The advantage of a copy critique is that it is much less expensive to have us analyze your copy rather than having us write it. And if you have a draft of some copy you are working on, you can have us "test drive" the copy before you spend the money to send it out.